Leadership and Governance

The ELCB executive team has a sincere seniorleadership commitment across all service levels to ensure a diverse service-centric approach continues to differentiate ELCB in the market place. Through executive sponsor cross-cultural/gender mentorship and strategic leadership principles invested into the management team, the company leaders ensure the continued growth of our service and product portfolio through our people.

Our diverse workforce creates the momentum for innovation and improvisation, realigning the business continuously, evident in the provision of business services to our clients. An ethos is created by proactive leadership, which is streamlined across all levels of staff. The stable ELCB environment retains professional people who continue to build on long-founded business relationships and grow the business. Our clients enjoy tangible business benefits from our keen drive to optimise IT technology.

The pace of change in the South African IT industry is phenomenal and it is imperative that we maintain our cutting edge level through investment in training and skills development and that we implement the positive results of our active research and development programme.

ELCB proudly introduces new technology, an initiative that provides opportunities for emerging businesses to harness the benefits and, in turn, boosts the enthusiastic young professional staff, who are stimulated by the challenge of innovation and improvisation in the business environment.